well look at that. i still have a wordpress.

today marks the beginning of the semester for me and my peers here at Art Institue of Boston.


let the festivities commence.

i think my mind needs a good spring cleaning.

there’s something about lying in order to keep the peace that makes me feel like an idiot.

if i get dooped again tonight by you.. well..

i don’t know what the fuck i’d do.

i’d probably complain and make things worse. then apologize and make everything my fault.

you know – the usual.

ah, the mental insecurities i cause in myself by trying to prevent conflict.


it’s not half as nice out as it should be.

it was snowing this morning.. isn’t that crazy? fuckin’ snow after days of rain after at least a week of beautiful sunshine. god damn this spring whether. it gets a kick from getting out hope up for summer.

today, i’ve decided to skip school. i went into my A block, made and ate pancakes with my fellow classmates and signed out. only to come home, shower and lay in my bed naked for about an hour and a half.

sarah leaves tomorrow. ewan leaves sunday. loren leaves monday. it’s been so good to have everyone back. just one more reason the summer weather and days should hurry on over to where we are. it won’t be long until dakota, loren and i are graduated, sarah and ewan are back from college and summer sun is sinking into our skins.

i just. can’t. wait.

i’ve been sick and stuck inside this house for five days.
i’ve smoked one cigarette in that five days.
i’ve eaten next to nothing in that five days.
i hate doctors. but i love the beautiful weather. that’s why this post is coming from outsiiiiide the house.

i have nothing important to say. just mind vomit.

i just lost interest in this.
why do i only write when i feel like whining?

i’ve been reading scar tissue. and it’s great. anthony kiedes is one bad ass man. and if i could. i would marry him.

i’ve been home sick from school the past two days with the flu. i’m not sick. i don’t want to be sick.

i play to many video games.

ewan. you better  not ever read this again.

i love you.

today was a good monday.

i just spent about 7 minutes trying to clean my room. and then i got sucked into this.
i know you’re the only one who reads this, so i’ll tell you about my day.

today i took a test in psych class. i didn’t do very well. but that’s okay because i got to put a AIB sticker on Mr. O’s door. I got switched into theatre arts B period instead of senior project. that way i’ll be able to “get all my materials”.. i suppose i really do need the time to get my materials, but mostly i just couldnt keep up with the work right now.
so anyway, B period was okay. we’re reading midsummer. which i like. have you ever seen it? cause it’s a good one.
C period i got to help some girls develop film and i got to throw lots and lots of old destroyed pin hole cameras out.
D period i tried out for the solo.. and didn’t get it. but that’s okay. i’m not too bent out of shape over it.
after school, dakota and i did some errands and then picked will up at school. then nick up at school (he started drivers ed! hes a big boy now!) and then we chilled and played some baketball and it was grand.

that was my day.

i declare this the new epic correspondence to myself.
voi la!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

ya ever listen to too many of the same song and then realize that its 9:45 and you were supposed to have been writing not one, not two, but nine papers?

well if you have, relate to me. because that is exactly what i’ve just done.

i am far too tired and bent out of shape for all of this.

just let this week come to an end and let the world stop. i would like that.

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